Rocky Mountain Front Ride

Photos from our ride in the Rocky Mountain Front from Green Gulch to Rierdon. Located west of Choteau, MT.
There is ample parking at Green Gulch where the group of six riders departed for the loop ride at 10 a.m. This trailhead is 30 minutes west of Choteau, and will soon be partially accessed by 20 miles of smooth new blacktop. We rode up Green Gulch for a counter clockwise loop which is the recommended direction of travel.

Ride details: 18.7 miles round trip back to car, 3,600 feet climbing (divided between the climbing of 2 passes), 6.1 average speed, 3.5 hours of riding time, 6 hour total ride. GPS data available on request.

Presently the entire loop is 90 percent ridable; 5 percent needs simple maintence to make ridable and the other 5 percent needs re-routes to fix unsustainably steep sections for all users.

Ride Physical Effort: 7 out of 10
Base Trail Techicality: 6 out of 10 (presently 8 out of 10 because of lack of maintenence – trees down, rocks on trail!

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