Mountain Bikes

South Shore Rivers Edge Trail

How do you ride?

You need a bike that fits your riding style. Whether you like racing, trail riding or leisurely touring, there’s a mountain bike designed to match how you ride.

Moutain Bike Choices

Competition mountain bikes are designed to get you the fastest between point “A” and point “B”. These bikes start with a light weight, rugged frame and light strong wheels. Compliment that with light weight, strong components and start timing yourself. This type of bike is available in “hardtail” or full suspension depending upon your comfort and performance level..

Recreational mountain bikes offer a lot of bang for the buck. If you want a bike you can ride over to see your friends or take the long hard way to the coffee shop, you should consider this style of bike. The frames are built to take a fun, tough ride and they are equipped with a suspension fork to smooth out the bumps. They come fitted with 21 to 27 speeds and alloy quick release wheels to eliminate a lot of the work. The brakes may be of the caliper or disc variety to provide lots of stopping power.

Comfort mountain bikes are just that. Comfortable. Sit upright and float down the street. Light weight frames and wheels make these bikes fun to ride. Add shock forks, a suspension seat post, a plush saddle, brakes and wide range, indexing gears and you have a bike that says, “Ride me.” You may leave the car in the garage a little more than you thought.