BMX Bikes


How do you ride?

You need a bike that fits your riding style. Whether you like racing, freestyling or jumping, there’s a bmx bike designed to match how you ride.

Racing bmx bikes are fast and meant for racing at the bmx track. As in all racing bikes, the frames are stiff for maximum power transfer and the wheels are light for quicker acceleration. More advanced models have three piece cranks and flip flop hubs so that the gearing can be changed easily to compensate for each given track. Though bmx bikes are generally small, they come in various frame sizes to compensate for the size of the rider.

Freestyle bmx bikes are designed for low maintenance. Weight is sacrificed for durability. The frame is usually steel with more high tech models using chromoly tubing. Wheels are heavy duty with as many as 36 spokes per wheel and may have 14 mm axles to support peg attachment. These bikes usually come with a gyro so that the brake wires don’t become entangled during any particular stunts. This bike is for the rider who grinds, jumps and generally looks for obstacles to conquer during a ride.